Front Opening Picture Frame with a Magnetic Whiteboard inside- Black


Is your fridge door cluttered with your kids daily artwork?  Has your child created a masterpiece?  Here's a new and fabulous way to showcase your children's artwork in a beautiful and modern picture frame.

Simply, open the front of this picture frame and place the artwork on the magnetic whiteboard inside. This multi-functional front opening picture frame was designed by Australia's own 'Brilliant Frames' in Arlie Beach.

You can showcase anything inside from the kid's artworks, photos, school awards, planners to visions boards, display art, certificates, and memorabilia.

The Brilliant Frames are
• front opening for easy access
• can be hung horizontally or vertically
• has a premium acrylic front (not glass)
• has a magnetic whiteboard on the inside
• made using the highest quality recycled materials to help protect the environment

Includes: 4 x white magnets & 1 x black whiteboard marker


A4 Frame:
Outside of frame = 410mm x 320mm
Inside whiteboard size = 330mm x 240mm
Window / matboard cutout size = 290mm x 200mm (suitable to showcase A4 and smaller)
Inside depth (inside capacity) : 15mm
Depth of frame (thickness of the outside of the frame) : 40mm

A3 Frame:
Outside of frame = 540mm x 415mm
Inside whiteboard size = 450mm x 330mm
Window / matboard cutout size = 405mm x 290mm (suitable to showcase A3 and smaller)
Inside depth (inside capacity) : 15mmDepth of frame (thickness of the outside of the frame) : 40mm


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