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Toy Washing Game

Welcome to our Kid’s crafts and activities corner full of fun and exciting activities  that we have trialed with our own children over the last 4 years.

We used to keep activities 'clean' and simple to avoid any messy chaos and cleanup but the truth is that kids love all things messy: slime, sand, glue, paint, name it!

So, we started to get creative with little activities to not only keep both our bub and toddler busy, but also to embrace messy play.  As Albert Einstein said, 'Play is the highest form of research', and learning is meant to be messy!

The first activity I want to share with you is my daughter's all time favourite: playing with soapy water!  Most of our little toys are covered in drool, so I routinely give them a wash.  I decided to make this a fun 'wash the toys' game to keep my eldest busy while I was feeding the baby.  It was an instant hit and so easy to set up.

Things you need to try this activity at home are:

  • Waterproof Play mat, our Reversible Play Mats will be perfect
  • One tub with soapy water
  • One tub with clean water
  • Hand towel to dry the toys
  • Dirty toys of course

I line up the two tubs on the waterproof play mat and let my little Miss put her toys in the tub with soapy water first to wash them. 

playmat play mat waterproof kids craft activities messy play

Once we’ve had a bit of play in this tub, she will then move the toys into the clean water tub. To add more excitement, we often count how many toys she’s moving or blow soapy bubbles at the same time. Once in the clean tub, we just wash off the soap.

waterproof playmat play mat toy washing

Finally to finish off, she takes all the toys out of the tub and places them on the hand towel to dry. Easy Peasy!

To clean up:

  • we pour the water in both tubs out in the backyard
  • my daughter dries the toys with the hand towel before placing them back in the playroom
  • Thanks to our waterproof play mat, all I need to do to clean the large puddle on the play mat is throw a towel over the water and wipe it down. This easily soaks up the water and the play mat is instantly dry.

The best part is not only do my children feel like they've helped Mummy with 'big people' jobs  but I've got both my kids nice and exhausted at bed time!

As always, we always recommend adult supervision for this activity. 

messy play kids activities playmat play mat waterproof

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Thara Atmuri

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