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Dig up some Dinosaurs!

Now I’m sure you’ve all seen the toy eggs that hatch when it is placed in water over night. We’ve found something even better at the local store; a dinosaur egg called 'Dig it up'.

It comes with a tiny chisel to help chip at the egg after soaking it in water. The aim is to free the dinosaur inside.

dig it up dinosaur egg

The egg is made from mud and a quick google search tells me that it can be purchased at Target, Kmart or even on amazon. Just look for ‘Dig it Up’ in the toy section.

Things you need to try this activity at home are:

  • Waterproof play mat, RaRa Star's Reversible Play Mats will be perfect
  • Tub of water
  • Cloured water paint (You may use any colour)
  • Paint brush
  • Toy egg with dinosaur or animal inside.

First, fill up the tub with water and place it on the waterproof play mat. Let your child place the egg in the water and let it soak for five minutes.

While waiting, let them dip the paint brush in paint and mix this in the water until they are happy with the colour. Children love to watch the water colour change.

messy play water proof play mat playmat

You must ensure that you are using water to allow for easy clean of the play mat without leaving any stains.

Now let your child take the egg out and use the chisel to chip at the dinosaur egg. Repeat this until the dinosaur is free. They may need to put the egg back in the water occasionally to let the egg soften more.

To clean up:

  • Pour the water in the tub out in the backyard or down the sink
  • Wash the little dinosaur in case they put it in their mouth
  • To dry the play mat, throw a towel on top and simply give it a quick wipe down. It's that easy peasy with RaRa Star's waterproof play mat. If there is mud or paint on the play mat,  simply wipe this down immediately using a hand towel dipped in water and mild detergent.

Adding paint in the water is not necessary but this adds to the excitement and allows them to experiment with paint in a different way.

As always, we always recommend adult supervision for this activity.

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